Kasteel Huis Bergh

About This Project

With over 500 years of history, ‘Kasteel Huis Bergh’ is one of the largest and oldest remaining castles in the Netherlands. With a rich culture, it is combining business meetings, weddings, childeren’s excursions and a museum in one complete experience. I was tasked during my work at 2keer.nl to develop and create a new website which would make it possible to update and maintain the website for the internal staff with ease. I took it an extra level and made it possible to make the website more SEO friendly and structured the website in a more user friendly manner. Add to this that the website made it easier to communicate its rich history and back story to a much wider audience on social media. This resulted in an increase of over 33% in unique hits and almost 25% of extra conversions in the first year compared to the previous year before launch. This is one the most interesting works I’ve created during my time at 2keer.nl and I take pride in the work that I’ve delivered here.




February 21, 2015

Marketing, Web
castle, graphic design, huis bergh, webdesign